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Are you new to firearms? Have you have taken a Concealed Carry or a private Armed Security Training class? Outstanding!!! That class is an introduction. No matter where you took it and who taught it (including us), it is not enough. For those who want more, M.O.R.E. is here! Get ready to sweat. This specific class is online and is designed to give you steps to gain confidence with handling your firearm.  M.O.R.E scenarios. M.O.R.E range time. M.O.R.E education. Over and over. Over and over. Over and over. Over and over.


The M.O.R.E. (More Open Repetitive Education) Personal Defense Courses are what you need to feel more confident in handling yourself in a deadly situation. We have a large list of classes in this program. However, there are three mandatory Firearms Handling Confidence courses that MUST be completed before attending any additional M.O.R.E courses. 

Course Description: This Online Firearms Handling Confidence course will help you become very familiar and confident, in as much as what we can do not being in-person, with handguns and your handgun. Between magazine handing, loading, firearm handling, malfunctions clearing, and more, you will walk away from this course with the knowledge needed to show confidence with the safe and efficient handling of your firearm. This is a way, not THE way to develop confidence in firearm handling.. 

This is designed to be a small group course.


Firearms Handling Confidence 1 (FHC1) - $25 for 4 Hour Block of Instruction

  • Safety Rules Indoctrination and Lecture
  • Semi-Auto Functions and Common Semi-Automatic Firearm Parts
  • Mag/Round Loading Drills
  • Mag-In/Mag-Out Drills Hands
  • Slide-Racking Drills
  • Firearms Malfunctions Clearances Intro
  • Firearm Loading and Unloading Timed Drill 


Upon receipt of payment, the instructions will be delivered by email. You will be contacted by phone, text message, or email. Your payment for this course is implied consent to this communication for the limited purposes of providing instructions. 


SAFETY NOTE: Do NOT use live ammunition doing this. Only use SnapCaps: devices, dummy ammunition, that are shaped like the ammunition that the firearm takes. Look for the dummy ammunition that is the same caliber (9mm, 40 S&W, 45ACP, etc.) as your firearm or as the firearm that you are practicing with. Do not, I say again, do not use live ammunition doing this. You have been warned. Using live ammunition doing this can cause death or great bodily harm to yourself or someone else. Again, you have been warned. Let’s continue with the lesson.


What makes us THE place to go to for your Concealed Carry and/or Armed Security Additional Training? Safety. Sweat. Guts. Challenge. Mindset. Conflict Avoidance. Humility. No Excuses. Be-Know-Do. Can vs. Must. Anger Management. Most importantly, an HILARIOUSLY AWESOME class on a shoe-string budget.


Be advised: If you want some cupcake, soft, touch-your-back, feelings-centered, ego-massaged, "teach you in your comfort zone" gun course, this isn't for you. In fact, GUNS aren't for you. We are NOT like those looking to take your money without telling you the reality of gun ownership and usage. They will not be with you in a gun fight. You will. You MUST survive. What you learn here is UNMATCHED. What you learn here is LIFE-CHANGING. You will feel like you've CHEATED US out of money for the knowledge you will gained. It'll be the BEST money you've spent on initial firearms training.


Our Military Veteran / Law Enforcement Instructors are certified by the Illinois State Police, the USCCA, and other law enforcement training accredidating bodies. Your training. Your safety. Your life. Our business. Now, let's get down to it.

ONLINE Firearms Handling Confidence Course 1

  • Please read the above description. Call (630) 360-0548 for any specific details regarding the upcoming M.O.R.E. Training event. For ANY LIVE Firearms Range Training, students will pay for their own gun range fee at the gun range location.

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