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Our Mission

"Hi! You've found us. We're glad you did!  Want THE GREATEST security officer, concealed carry, Anger Management (Court-Ordered/Personal Growth), parenting and CPR training? Money tight? If you've done your research, The others...well...they charge A LOT, don't they? We support their right to. We believe in savings, too.


Well, GO where YOU MATTER, GET what YOU WANT and SAVE MONEY! With GREAT Training at THE LOWEST affordable prices, on-site fingerprinting, PERC/Concealed Carry/FOID Card Processing, and more security officer job placement, why go anywhere else?? WHY would YOU go ANYWHERE Else??? Some competitors may say, "Quality over Quantity." Well, with us, you get QUALITY AND QUANTITY!! 


We make BETTER-TRAINED, INTERVIEW/JOB-READY Security Officers. Period. Get THE GREATEST Affordable Chicago Security Officer and Concealed Carry Training with Security Training Concepts!"


- Principal Instructor Mike

Admission and Fees

Find a class. Pay for the class. Bring your a...

You get it. LOL

Well, shall we?


Meet Our Training Staff


Instructor Mike Brown, MA, CBPI, CAMS-1

Principal Instructor

Instructor Will

Firearms and Security Instructor

Instructor Tommie

Firearms Instructor

Chad Randomlastname

He's some guy. LOL

He might wear khakis.

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