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CLASS DESCRIPTION: Give me everything to be an unarmed security officer. Got it! Unarmed, Fingerprints, and PERC card. Includes Unarmed Security Class with PERC Card Fingerprinting and Processing. **NOTE: Persons using this online pre-pay option MUST CALL Security Training Concepts after payment at (773) 372-3929 DURING BUSINESS HOURS and speak to a live operator to inform Security Training Concepts of the date of training when the student anticipates attending this course.

Our Self-Paced/Directed Signature 20-Hour Unarmed Security Course will prepare you for employment in the security field by educating you regarding the important knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by persons employed in this field. Graduates will receive a State of Illinois Certificate of Completion of a Basic Security Training Course. Course tuition includes all materials, handouts, and hilarity will ensue. LOL. Bring a sense of humor and understanding with ya!

The course is online and can be taken through your phone/tablet or computer as authorized by Illinois State Law.

225 ILCS 447/25-20Sec. 25-20. Training; private security contractor and employees.(225 ILCS 447/25-20) (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2029)

Sec. 25-20. Training; private security contractor and employees. (a) Registered employees of the private security contractor agency who provide traditional guarding or other private security related functions or who respond to alarm systems shall complete, within 30 days of their employment, a minimum of 20 hours of basic training, which may be provided in a classroom or seminar setting or via Internet-based online learning programs....

ONLINE Full Unarmed Security Class Package

  • Includes Unarmed Security Class with PERC Card Fingerprinting and Processing. 

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