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"Hi! You've found us. We're glad you did!  Want THE GREATEST security officer, concealed carry, parenting, Anger Management (Court-Ordered/Personal Growth), and CPR training? Money tight? If you've done your research, The others...well...they charge A LOT, don't they?


Well, GO where YOU MATTER, GET what YOU WANT and SAVE MONEY! With GREAT Training at THE LOWEST affordable prices, on-site fingerprinting, PERC/Concealed Carry/FOID Card Processing, and more security officer job placement, why go anywhere else?? WHY would YOU go ANYWHERE Else??? Some competitors may say, "Quality over Quantity." Well, with us, you get QUALITY AND QUANTITY!! 


We make BETTER-TRAINED, INTERVIEW/JOB-READY Security Officers. Period. Get THE GREATEST Affordable Chicago Security Officer Training with Security Training Concepts!"

Our Classes

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Unarmed and Armed Security Certification

What you need to become a security officer. Simple.


Illinois State Police-certified Concealed Carry Classes

What you need to carry your firearm legally and avoid conflict. The best class you'll EVER take.


NAMA-certified for court, personal growth or education, let us help you.  

You think you don't need us. This class will help you better. understand people and you. 


AHA-certified BLS Provider classes. Save a life. Life is why. 

You'll be glad you know how to perform these hands-only life saving measures.

Spring 2024 Session Registration Is Now Open!

Our Mission

We don't train you for the just the security company or their clients. We train you for you. We train you for life. The liability for actions performed or not may be on the security company, the client, and/or you. But, only YOU control your actions. We make better-trained, interview-ready, critically-thinking security officers. 

Students Success Stories

Mike was an absolutely amazing and efficient instructor. Very detailed, made you feel comfortable so that you didn't become overwhelmed with all the information. Also provided bonus information from his professional knowledge. I appreciated his honesty and direct nature. I highly recommend if you are seeking security training you come see them. They prices are reasonable.

Daiquiri Holman - Facebook 5-Star Review of Unarmed Security Course

Hands down, this was one of the well respected, entertaining, fun, keep it real type if experiences I've ever encountered, would do it again if I had to, with that being said I thank you from the bottom of my heart Mr. Brown for this opportunity, now I can make a better life for me and my family thank you.....

Kenneth Young  -  Facebook 5-Star Review of the Unarmed Security Course

This class was excellent, I highly recommend for everyone to take it. Very informal, real and knowledgeable. Hands on was excellent for me, hand usage every meaning you needed to know about the firearm was given. Attending the gun range was my first time ever going and using a firearm but the help from Mike Brown I was able to score 30/30 listening learning and most importantly focusing. Safety as it’s best. I’ll definitely be taking more classing in the future.

Contact Us Now

644 East 79th Street, Suite 3  Chicago, Illinois 60619

773-372-3929 / 630-360-0548

IDFPR Lic. No.: 102-000356
IDFPR Lic. No.: 262-000118

Thanks for submitting! Someone from Security Training Concepts will be in touch with you shortly or you can always call/text (773) 372-3929 or (630) 360-0548.

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