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***PLEASE NOTE - The course is online and can be taken through your phone/tablet or computer as authorized by Illinois State Law (listed below). There WILL be a 8-hour In-Person Firearms Training and LIVE Fire Qualification (FATQUAL) Portion that follows completion of this online class. 


NOTE: The classroom and online Armed Security training course is authorized pursuant to Illinois law and Illinois Administrative Code Title 68, Chapter VII, Subchapter b, Part 1240, Section 1240.510a.


CLASS DESCRIPTION: Hey there 👋! Hope you are well!! Ready to boost your pay? Armed Security officers gets paid more! With Security Training Concepts, you can NOW start your Online ARMED Security Training whenever you want - morning, noon, or night! 🕒 Our virtual, self-directed ARMED SECURITY COURSE is ONLY $98. Yes, you read that right, ONLY $98 upfront 💵! IDFPR-Certified and unbeatably priced, it's a bargain you don't want to miss. But wait, there's more! After you ace the online class, join us for a day of hands-on firearm training on scheduled Fridays from 9a-5p 🎯. Sounds good?


STUDENTS TAKING ARMED MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE UNARMED SECURITY COURSE!! Course tuition includes all materials, handouts, semi-automatic firearm usage (revolver certification available upon request and payment), ear/eye protection, ammunition, and targets (threats). Bring a sense of humor and understanding with ya...and leave your feelings at home! We are talking guns here.


CLASS LOCATION: Class is online. After you complete the online portion, the 8-hour In-Person Firearms Training will be primarily located at Security Training Concepts - 644 E. 79th Street, Chicago, IL 60619.


LIVE FIRE RANGE LOCATION: Unless specifically stated directly from Security Training Concepts, range will be held at Eagle Sports Range - 5900 W. 159th St, Oak Forest, IL 

After completion of the training, paperwork will be submitted to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. Upon approval, you will be issued a Certification of Firearms Training by the Department via email. 

225 ILCS 447/25-20

Sec. 25-20. Training; private security contractor and employees.

(225 ILCS 447/25-20) (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2029)


Sec. 25-20. Training; private security contractor and employees. (a) Registered employees of the private security contractor agency who provide traditional guarding or other private security related functions or who respond to alarm systems shall complete, within 30 days of their employment, a minimum of 20 hours of basic training, which may be provided in a classroom or seminar setting or via Internet-based online learning programs....


(225 ILCS 447/35-40) (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2029)


Sec. 35-40. Firearm control; training requirements. (a) The Department shall, pursuant to rule, approve or disapprove training programs for the firearm training course, which shall be taught by a qualified instructor. Qualifications for instructors shall be set by rule. The firearm training course shall be conducted by entities, by a licensee, or by an agency licensed by this Act, provided the course is approved by the Department. The firearm course shall consist of the following minimum requirements: (1) 48 hours of training as follows: (A) 20 hours consisting of training as described in Sections 15-20, 20-20, or 25-20, as applicable;

Self-Directed Online ARMED Security Class ONLY

  • Includes Semi-Auto Firearm Usage, Hearing/Eye Protection, Ammo, and Targets (Threats). As of 15JAN2021, students will pay for their own gun range fee of $22 at the gun range location.

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