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It's time to get those arrests and qualifying convictions off your Illinois Record of Arrests and Prosecutions (RAP) Sheet. The first step is to see what cases can be expunged. Then, we may be able to help you file. For COOK County, IL ONLY.


Persons wanting to gain access and review of their Illinois criminal record may do so from us, a licensed fingerprint vendor agency (IDFPR Lic. No.: 262-000118) during Expungement Tuesday dates you choose for the purpose of obtaining your criminal history transcript through Illinois’ Access and Review process. In response to a request for a criminal history transcript, we will obtain fingerprints from you and other identification information and forward those to the Illinois State Police Bureau of Identification. Upon receipt and processing of the fingerprint submission, the Illinois State police will send you the criminal history transcript with a Record Challenge form or, if no criminal history is found, a written statement so stating to the address provided by the individual. Criminal History Records are required for expungement purposes.


We don't need your palms. Just the tips at Just the Tips Fingerprinting. Allow us to fingerprint you to get your RAP Sheet.


NOTE: We are not lawyers and this is not legal advice. We are just HIGHLY EXPERIENCED in the filing process to help you obtain a clear criminal record, having successfully filed the expungements of clients who have obtained a clear criminal record. We ONLY take cases we know have a high likelihood of being expunged. We cannot guarantee results. Expungement is a privalege, not a right. Allow us to help you. 

Expungement Tuesdays

  • **NOTE: Persons using this online pre-pay option MUST CALL Security Training Concepts / Just the Tips Fingerprinting after payment at (773) 372-3929 DURING BUSINESS HOURS and speak to a live operator to inform Security Training Concepts / Just the Tips Fingerprinting of the date of training when the client anticipates receiving this service. Bring receipt as proof of payment on the day of service. No REFUNDs.  Accepted forms of payment are cash, money order, credit/debit card. 

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