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CLASS DESCRIPTION: The FULL Class amount is $99!!! Our 20-Hour Armed Security Course is an addition to the 20-Hour Unarmed Security Course and will prepare you for employment in the security field as an armed security officer by educating you regarding the important knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by armed persons in this field. STUDENTS TAKING ARMED MUST HAVE COMPLETED THE UNARMED SECURITY COURSE!! Course tuition includes all materials, handouts, semi-automatic firearm usage (revolver certification available upon request and payment), ear/eye protection, ammunition, and targets (threats). Like the unarmed security course, hilarity will ensue. LOL. Bring a sense of humor and understanding with ya...and leave your feelings at home! We are talking guns here. 


CLASS LOCATION: Class is primarily located at Security Training Concepts - 644 E. 79th Street, Chicago, IL 60619.


RANGE LOCATION: Unless specifically stated directly from Security Training Concepts, range will be held at Eagle Sports Range - 5900 W. 159th St, Oak Forest, IL 

Armed Security Class ONLY - FULL PRICE

  • Includes Semi-Auto Firearm Usage, Hearing/Eye Protection, Ammo, and Targets (Threats). As of 15JAN2021, students will pay for their own gun range fee of $22 at the gun range location.

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