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Course Description: Anger exists in every aspect of our lives. Actions stemming from unhealthy anger can be more problematic than good. If you suffer from anger management and are order to attend anger management courses as a condition of probation or for your own benefit, Our National Anger Management Association (NAMA)-Certified In-person or virtual Anger Management Coaching is the course for you. 


Our Anger Management coachings are for both groups and individuals and are recognized by the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois as well as all nation-wide courts. We are eager to help you be a better person by managing your anger. Don't play with your future. We are able to tailor a program suitable for you and your schedule. 

Price listed books a 90 minute session. We could go longer for free in that same session if you're really willing to do the work and I have the time. 

Anger Management Coaching

$50.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
  • **NOTE: Persons using this online pre-pay option MUST CALL/TEXT Security Training Concepts after payment at (773) 372-3929 to inform Security Training Concepts of the session (individual / group) when the student anticipates attending this course. Bring receipt as proof of payment on first day of course. Please bring any information from the courts assigning you to attend anger management courses. Failure to attend on that date, absent a valid emergency circumstance subject to Security Training Concepts' approval, will result in forfeiture of seat. Rescheduling may be allowed subject to SECTRACON Administration Approval. No REFUNDs.

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